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La Estancia Cafayate

Progress Continues at La Estancia de Cafayate

Mar 9, 2010

La Estancia de Cafayate continues to grow as the team works hard in making each improvement. The East region of the property now has a polo field complete with side boards and goal posts. Although now it might appear to be playable, the grass is too young and it will not be suitable for play until October of 2010.

Other interesting projects being developed within La Estancia are the entry way gate house, which is a wooden construction that will have an entry path for owners and a separate one for guests; and the improvement of the roads. The roads are being paved with a system called chip and seal, which is basically a paved base with compact gravel on top.

While we are getting closer to our very first Harvest Celebration, the property is looking better and better to receive friends, neighbors, families and guests.