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La Estancia Cafayate

Discover Cafayate, November 1-6, 2011 – An Event Roundup

Nov 20, 2011

La Estancia de Cafayate hosted another fantastic event with the presence of homeowners, friends, and family and team members. For just under a week, people discovered the culture, music, art and food of the region while enjoying fun filled activities. Guests discovered the details behind the La Estancia de Cafayate Master Plan led by Jack Zehren, and then enjoyed a delightful al fresco lunch amongst the vineyards, with a wine paired menu. During the evenings, all attendees had a wonderful time at the Welcome Cocktail gathering in the world class Wine Museum, explored the fantastic creations of local artists and artisans while indulging in delicious food and drinks; and experienced an authentic asado night complete with folklore music and dancing.

Other activities included a very interesting seminar on Paso Peruano horses that was offered by our own architect, Jack Zehren, who has been a horse breeder for the past 35 years. The seminar was followed by a 2-day long polo tournament where 4 teams competed for the 1st place. As always, Doug Casey and a team of financial experts offered the latest tips at the Casey Research Investment Conference. Over 200 people witnessed the information provided by 5 speakers – Doug Casey, Adrian Day, Claudio Maulhardt, Louis James and Jeff Berwick. Discover Cafayate was a wonderful experience and we hope that those who could not make it this time, can find the way to join us four our next event in March.