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La Estancia Cafayate

The East Polo Field Experienced its First Matches

Mar 31, 2011

During the Second Annual Harvest Celebration and Escape to Cafayate events, La Estancia de Cafayate offered 5 different polo exhibition matches with players from Salta and Buenos Airesincluding Sebastian Mendilarzu, Ivan Sundblad, Matias Saravia, Ramiro Zamora, Fernando Gozal and La Estancia partner, JuanEsteban Romero as well as owner, Federico Tomasevich.

Each polo player brought their own polo ponies which totalled 32 horses who resided in the grazing pastures between games. The teams were La Estancia de Cafayate brown jerseys against La Estancia de Cafayate white jerseys with an average of wins by the brown jersey team. It was an interesting experience for both spectators and polo players to experience a match in such an incredible setting. The little rainfall in Cafayate makes for an excellent alternative for matches during the rainy season in Salta & Buenos Aires. The polo field also adds a new amenity for owners to enjoy as a sport or spectator.